64 Colors's custom Marshall for Julie West's "Play" exhibition at Dragatomi!

I love the idea behind Dragatomi's upcoming "Play" group exhibition, wherein a variety of artists were asked to make a playable game, and 64 Colors absolutely thrills with their "Marshall Ring Toss!" The hand-painted Marshall figure looks so sad to be used as a ring toss base, but those specially designed rings look super sweet. C'mon, you adorable marshmallow, cheer up… for the kids… who will be throwing rings at you! Hmm, I think I see why he's so sad…

"Play," a group art show guest curated by Julie West, will open on May 11th with a reception from 6-9PM local time and be available for viewing until June 1st, 2013 at Dragatomi, 2317 J St., Sacramento, CA 95816. Participating artists include: Heidi Kenney, DrilOne, Chris Bishop, Tweedlebop, Pepe Hiller, Allison Sommers, Crowded Teeth, 64 Colors, Amy Ruppel Adrianna Bamber, Dro, Lana Crooks, Kali Meadows, Gary Ham, Travis Lampe, Scott Tolleson, Jeremiah Ketner, Tad Carpenter, Jason Limon, Ed Nacional, Big Secret, Dominic Flask, Julie West, Leecifer, and Jay222.

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