The Triumph of Technology over Religion: Darren Clegg's "Mech Warrior #1"!

It's not an uncommon theme in science-fiction, particularly cyberpunk, that man ends up using the advancements of technology to create our own twisted metal rendition of heavenly concepts here on Earth… it is, of course, the ultimate triumph of science over religion, though at the same time it reminds us of the importance that faith serves. Whether or not it was his intent, Darren Clegg of Klang Customs's "Mech Warrior #1" brings this concepts to mind. For this 6-inch tall Mini Munny reveals a man altered and modified by mechanical wonderment until he literally became angelic in appearance. Though, to be honest, he appears more demonic, so perhaps there's a little commentary there… This piece is available now from Collect and Display for £65 (approx. $100) HERE. And remember: the Devil is in the details.

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