Gary Baseman x Pretty in Plastic - Metal "Mezuzah" giveaway for “The Door Is Always Open” show 04/25/13

 photo GaryBaseman-mezuzah.jpg
Julie B. and her team over at Pretty in Plastic have been working diligently on "door prizes" for Gary Baseman's upcoming “The Door Is Always Open” show and open house at Skirball Cultural Center. Gary tasked Julie to create his version of a "Mezuzah" which literally means a "doorpost" in Hebrew and in Jewish homes this parchment/symbol is affixed to each doorpost and gate to fulfill the mitzvah! (Source Wikipwdia). Which... after reading about a Mezzuzah, the name of his show makes perfect sense! As you can see, Gary's version features his "Eye" that has made appearances in many of his figures and paintings and most recently in his mini series "Toby's Secret Society" as the Veritas figure or truth. Rumor has it, there will be even more goodies on hand, but we are just getting the glimpse of this. More soon... maybe.

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