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*ON SITE* Rotofugi x Ferg - "Squadt Assembly" pop-up shop and exhibition 04/05/2013

 photo 5D8798B3-B1B0-4499-BF67-7E0CF8794CAC-803-000000636B937E8B.jpg
 photo B9EE3E09-4822-4769-953D-EC765381DA2D-803-00000063E17529D4.jpg photo E07553CB-F565-471A-97E3-6134F7C5C485-803-0000006326CC4FBD.jpg photo 2DFC5F89-C9F8-4232-9B59-3122125D87B3-803-00000063D8E39A94.jpg
Although most of us wished we could have been at the "Squadt Assembly" pop-up shop and exhibition at Rotofugi in Chicago, the reality is... we don't live anywhere near there... but thankfully Anthony Truong, an avid SpankyStokes.com reader and scoop giver, was on hand to take a TON of photos from the event, and we are forever grateful! So, why not share them with all of you... and that's what we are doing. The show looked amazing! Not only did they have the vast library of limited edition parts, clothing and accessories designed by FERG and manufactured by Threezero exclusively for this show to build your own custom Squadt figure, but they had all kinds of merchandise to pillage through as well... and custom cookies to boot!

 photo 4506A1DF-2777-4438-BAA7-54AA972DB57D-803-0000006395F5A77A.jpg
 photo 6F3C3653-A80D-4781-BC5F-6CC73142D664-803-000000638F224B53.jpg photo 932852A0-8334-47E9-A42F-5CA565F4D300-803-0000006383C9F549.jpg photo 9372E9E7-3888-49B6-A4D2-D942EABE7AE4-803-00000063898ACC28.jpg
I love the presentation of all the miscellaneous accessories, super clean and very easy to configure your own figure... heck, they even made a diagram of how to heat up your figure with a blowdryer to pop out the joints and swap them around... they thought of everything. The turnout looked great, and I see a ton of smiling faces so you know it was a good time! If you didn't make it to the event, the remaining specimens and accessories will be made available for online building via a lottery system. To enter the lottery for a chance to build a figure online please fill out the lottery entry form HERE. The event was totally interactive and invited all attendees to participate by building their own figure... a seriously cool concept, and I hope that other designer toy artists and manufactures take notice, because I would love to see this done more often. Hit the jump for a full slide show of photos from the event, and thanks to Anthony once again for supplying the photos!
SpankyStokes's Squadt Assembly 2013 album on Photobucket

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