NOW AVAILABLE: ArtmyMind's "Scavenger" figure cast in resin and metal!

Having settled into their new studio location, the duo of ArtmyMind have restarted their campaign to take the designer toy world by storm… a goal that doesn't seem out of reach for these artists that seem to have boundless talent. Their brand new "Scavenger" 1.1-inch tall hand-sculpted figure has now been released to the public in four colorways: Black, Iron, Ruby, and the previously revealed DIY Blank. The Black and Ruby resin cast versions are being sold together for $22 per set, while the Iron edition — cast in metal and hand-polished — is $29 per piece. And, of course, the DIY Blank version is $20 for a pack of two. All these editions are available now in ArtmyMind online store.

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