turboPISTOLA's 4:20 resin sale!!!

 photo 420checklist.jpg
Daniel Smith aka turboPISTOLA has a wide array of figures releasing today at 4:20pm EST... so in a few hours! His online store is gonna be packed full of: Elephantos Gamma edition - Neon green glitter glow in the dark resin figure. Made to order until May 1st. • Elephantos 4.20.13 edition - Glow in the dark glitter resin figure with blind bag glow weapon. Made to order until May 1st. • Elephantos Internal bleeding edition custom • Elephantos Tarpits edition custom • Original artwork • Customs. Like I said... some really cool stuff! Don't miss out on this opportunity... head on over HERE in a few hours to snag up a few new figures for your collection!

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