Lisa Rae Hansen's "MegaSeth" Chases for Fugi.me & "Way Cool Junior Society" figures!

The clean and slick work of Lisa Rae Hansen will be represented at ToyConUK, as previously announced, in the form of the blind boxed "MegaSeth" figures, with 10 of one color at the Fugi.me booth and the remaining 10 in another color at Hansen's booth. But we hadn't seen the chase for each version, which is exactly what is pictured above! Did you miss the difference? Yes, these are the 'biting the head off of a bat' versions, in tribute to the legendary Ozzy Osbourne cautionary tale. And not the little dribble of blood from each mouth… Perfect! But MegaSeth isn't Hansen's only offering: over at her booth, she'll also have the below pictured "Way Cool Junior Society" figures, limited to five of each design: Bad Boy Destroy (left) and Junior (right). No word on pricing, but obviously worth every penny (regardless of how many each one costs!).

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