Kathleen Voigt's 'The Abominable Snow Groper' (and his awesome dead goat)!

I love it when I see a custom that brings a figure to a whole other level while still appreciating its original form. Take for example this supremely kick arse Groper custom from Kathleen Voigt -- an entirely new creature, without forfeiting creator Triplikid's original vision. He's just, um, evolved. Considerably so, gaining a lethal under bite, powerful arms and a furry hide. Kathleen went above and beyond with this piece, also creating a snowy perch for our friend to tromp around with his pet dead goat. Sheer yeti greatness, right here!

Crafted from resin, sculpey, wire and plaster, the piece was finished off with acrylics and varnish. There's also glitter on the snow base, folks -- hell yeah, sparkle power! Mr. Yeti stands just shy of 4 inches tall (w/o base). His goat pal is 4 inches in length, while the snow base with tree is 6 inches tall and 8.5 inches in diameter. It's a sizeable piece, in other words, and get this: it's AVAILABLE. Yes, I'm serious! Expect him to stumble into Kathleen's new Storenvy in the next couple of days. Or just honk at her on Twitter @SeriouslySillyK because that's fun, too. For more photos of the Abominable Snow Groper, hop over to Triplikid's site!

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