Colus x Kidrobot - "The Hunted" 8-inch Dunny

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We gave you all a teaser HERE last week of a possible new Kidrobot Dunny from South African born, now San Diego based artist Colus... and now we have the full reveal! Titled "The Hunted", this 8-inch Dunny features Colus's amazing attention to detail, whilst leaning on just black and white to portray his message. "The springbuck. Nimble protectors over the southern plains of Africa. Once revered, they struck fear in the eyes of enemies big and small. Springbucks kept peace in the land for many generations until they were declared “traitors of the plains” by the new king. A bounty was set for their heads, and so the legendary tale of survival began. They were now trophies, they were now… The Hunted."... and yes, your eyes do not deceive you... this figure does not have arms.
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Featuring Curved horns, perked pointed ears, and mounted on a super glossy sculpted wood grain trophy plaque mounted around his neck, the striking graphic ‘black-and-white-only’ design style of Colus will be limited to just 1250 pieces worldwide, will drop on April 11th at Kidrobot stores, kidrobot.com, and select retailers for $75 each. Once again, a huge congrats goes out to Colus for this... we are really excited for him!

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