Monday, March 25, 2013

Kidrobot x Colus - A new Dunny?!?!?!?!

 photo Colus-dunny-idrobot-1.jpg
Hot damn... it's about time! I have been sitting on this info for a long time now, and Kidrobot just dropped a huge hint at an upcoming release... and confirmed via the artist behind this amazing looking teaser, South African born and now San Diego based artist Colus Havenga has an upcoming figure release with Kidrobot... and it's a Dunny!!! Featuring his simplistic and super stylized approach, Colus' amazing black and white creations look great on apparel... but on an actual figure... they will be magical! One thing we can't tell you yet is that if it's a 3" or an 8"... and what you can't see, the big mystery, will have people really stoked on this design. Colus is a super talented artist, and a cool dude to boot... so we are really happy for him! More on this very soon!!!