Custom resin "Gingerbread Man" Tequila figure!

Most of us have been seeing a ton of custom Tequila figures popping up from artists left and right... well, most are being commissioned by one HUGE art toy fan, and his latest piece that he added to his collection was one created by Rafael Batista aka touched_by_ralfie on Instagram. Although I don't really agree with alot of the stuff Ralfie creates (seeing as he rips off the same stylings of Jason Freeny's 1/4 cutaway anatomical sculpts), there is no questioning that this dude has some serious talent, and above is an actual custom that shows off his original skills! This is actually a resin cast of a Tequila that was created into a very large and in charge gingerbread man. Check out the detail... and the bite-out with the exposed "strawberry filling"... awesome!

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