Anyoldion Toys sofubi robot line... 600 possible variations!!!

Ok, so... just for all you SpankyStokes readers... here are some exclusive photos and info on Anyoldion Toys sofubi robot line of figures as Matty shares with us today the 6 latest pictures out of Japan from the Fort. All the toys are initially sculpted at Siccaluna Koubo then are cast in wax and plugged by Velocitron before being sent off to the sofubi factory. Each figure stands 4" tall, is going to be made from soft vinyl, and they all have 7 points of articulation. This seven points of articulation along with 8 heads, two bodies, two sets of legs and four sets of arms makes for an ever expanding line of interchangeable-part super robots... that's over 600 robot variations!!! This toyline has been in production for nearly the entirety of 2011 to ensure QC and they did everything with almost no technology apart from emails... all pencils, pens, snail mail and tools! This has all been crazy large due to the size of the toys, heads needing to match up with bodies, bodies having to be dropped, heads having to be changed etc Get ready!!! All designs by me and Daniel "TurboPistola" Smith and full coverage of this ENORMOUS toy project can be seen HERE (not shown: Mace arms, UFO arm, SEISMIC ACE arm, clockwork cannons, SpankyStokes STROLLBOT 2.0 head and BIG DAMAGE K16 head).

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