He's Back! Stuart Witter Returns With Two New Customs!

Stuart Witter, or Stu Witter, took the designer toy scene by storm in 2011, his immaculately clean sculpts augmenting vinyl figures into unique characters. And almost all had a stylized heavy brow line residing above two cartoonishly blank eyes. Around mid-2013, Witter stopped promoting new custom work he'd done, making us all fear we'd lost his unique voice from the scene… but then he resurfaced late last year, contributing a hand-modified version of the "Kidzilla" figure for Martian Toys's NYCC Booth. And now, it seems, he's back in ernest!
Pictured above is Witter's "Ninja Dunny", an anthropomorphic animal in shinobi shōzoku (the black garb of the ninja) weilding a Sānjiébiān (three-section chain whip). Okay, the chain whip is more of a Chinese martial arts thing, but this fantastically resculpted 3-inch tall Dunny does have , or shinobu, on his headband… Meaning "stealth", shinobu is one of two base characters in shinobi, the word for ninja. But let's not make you think Witter is all Asian flavored, as he also unveiled this new "Sideshow Boxer" custom Tequila, embracing a decidedly English feel with his bowler hat.
Both of these have no mention of availability, so there is a solid chance they are commissioned works or pieces for upcoming exhibitions. If you want a piece from Witter, then I'd hurry up and commission a piece from him! He can be reached by private message through his Facebook page.

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