OsiRisORion's "Molten Lava" & "Sewer Sludge" custom Dunnys!

Pictured above are OsiRisORion's newest custom Dunnys — based on his UVD Series 1 contributions — which are entitled "Molten Lava" (left) and "Sewer Sludge" (right). Each Dunny has been hand-cast in resin and hand-painted by OsiRisORion, a total of 10 in each design; five of each will be available by itself for $65 apiece but there will also be 5 sets of both for $100 each. Each figure is signed and numbered on the bottom of the feet and they are available starting Saturday, December 1st, 2012 at 9AM Pacific time in OsiRisORion's online shop!

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