Brent Nolasco's "Hellion" is ready for production!!!

You may all recall the post that we put up HERE of Brent Nolasco's most recent figure that he was sculpting... well, now this awesome looking fiend is complete and is ready to be shipped off to be produced! Titled "Hellion", this massive 11" tall figure was created with Aves Apoxie Sculpt, a 2 part epoxy that gets rock hard in about 5-7 hours... no baking needed. He created the head on top a wooden ball, and the body on a wooden base as well... a great way to save on material! It splits into 6 pieces, very manageable to cast each part and resemble... and the authorized bootlegger resin master, Dodgrr, will be doing the dirty work on this beast... so look for some resin art multiple to pop up in the near future! I can't wait to see Brent lay some paint down on this... they will be epic! More very soon! To follow the progress on this yourself, be sure to hit up Brent's Instagram HERE!

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