Loz Boz's custom panda "Pom the PanDunny" Dunny!

The newest custom to be released from the Haus of Boz, home to the Loz Boz, is the above pictured "Pom the PanDunny." This is an absolutely stunning interpretation of a panda out of the platform, beautifully sculpted and exquisitely painted. And, like all of her pieces, this one comes with a brilliant description:
It’s just Pom, the pink PandDunny, (see what we did there?!) just plodding along, looking for stray sweets that you may have dropped. It’s awfully important for pandas to eat their bodyweight every day, but in bamboo, silly Pom, not jelly teddies!Once he’s done scoffing all the sweets, and I’m not joking here, (do NOT let him near your fancy boxes of chocolates) he likes to get busy sleeping it off in a tissue box, so be careful when you reach for a tissue when you’re watching Titanic, you might get a fluffy surprise!
This signed custom piece will be available today, September 12th, 2012, at 12 Noon Pacific time in the Loz Boz's online shop for £49.99 (approx. $80).

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