Clogtwo x Mighty Jaxx - 'Die Jedi Scum series: Storm Trooper' fine art print release

The folks over at Mighty Jaxx have teamed up with graffiti artist Clogtwo (designer of thier recent "Hell Lotus" vinyl figure) to release a really awesome Star Wars inspired print that is part of his the ongoing 'Die Jedi Scum series'... and this one focuses on the iconic image of the "Storm Trooper", more specifically, his helmet! I really like the style that Clogtwo brings to the table, and honestly up until a few months back where he was introduced to most of us via his work on 'Hell lotus' this dude is kinda an unknown... but not for long! This print measures 12" x 12", is printed on premium fine art paper, is limited to only 50 pieces and will retail for $50 HERE on Thursday, September 23th at 10am ED... don't miss this drop!

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