Jon-Paul Kaiser's Tattooed Yakuza TroubleBoy Squadt Custom!

We've been marveling at Jon-Paul Kaiser's work-in-progress Yakuza-styled TroubleBoy Squadt custom (WIP posts HERE and HERE), but now Kaiser has treated us with an exclusive first look at the completed piece. This stunning looking commission work has such amazing tiny tattoo details: the word FEAR on one set of knuckles, the four playing card suits on the other, koi fish on one breast, dragon on the other, Foo Dog & snake over the ribs, and Oni demon upon his back. The only downside of this brilliant work is that due to the normal snugness of the helmet, Kaiser doesn't suggest having the figure wear it for fear it will scrape paint off in being put on and removed. Hit the jump for more pictures of this fantastic custom!

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