Daniel Yu's OMFG! Crawdad Kid STGCC Edition & Giant Customs!

At the recent 2012 Singapore Toy, Game and Comics Convention (STGCC), Daniel "Dory" Yu released an ultra-limited quantity of custom OMFG! "Crawdad Kid" customs. Entitled "Splicer Kids," these red versions of the figure have newly sculpted claws and, all hand-painted, there were three coloways… the eyes and claws were either silver (above left), gold (above right) or black (not pictured). Exclusive to TOYS R EVIL, a small amount of these 20 signed and numbered figures will be available through the blog's web store in the near future.

And while that might be an elusive addition to your OMFG! collection, the above pictured 8.5-inch resin cast custom "Crawdaddy" figure will surely be your most attention grabbing. Towering over the normal sized mini-figures, this cast and hand-painted by Yu on a commission only basis (which might end at any time). Interested parties should contact FLABSLAB at get [dot] flabby [at] flabslab [dot] com to order their $200 copy of the piece.

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