Cris Rose's "Reclamation Drones" custom Androids for Dragatomi!

In partnership with Dragatomi, Cris Rose has created a new line of Drones customized out of the Android vinyl figure, each with a new resin cast Sprog-style head and collar. And, which is VERY cool, all articulation has been retained, including the heads, which are interchangeable. Entitled the "Reclamation Drone" series, the first two designs are shown above in unpainted form: "Recycle" (left) and "Overseer" (right). These are for the first series in what will be an ongoing series of blind box releases… the first wave will consist of only 10 blind boxes at Dragatomi's store and an edition of 5 in Rose's shop. Price and release date are forthcoming, but expect these to be high demand and to go way too fast.

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