Shadoe Delgado's Fan-Art Contest with amazing prizes… including a custom!

We've been writing up quite a bit by the fantastic "newcomer" Shadoe Delgado lately and, as a thank you for all the attention and acceptance he's received from the Designer Toy community, Delgado is holding a fan-art contest for his Shadow-ling creatures.
The fan-art could be, but not limited to: what kinds of masks could they be wearing to hide themselves, or what is it under the mask that they need to hide? Is there a girl shadow, transgender, or no gender? What do creatures like Grundelmunch look like without a mask? Have fun with it, and go crazy...or not crazy? Also, use whatever medium you feel comfortable with.
To give you an idea, I've posted two examples of actual submissions by Mike Die and Super Cooper Berella. If you want to join in the fun, just e-mail Shadoedelgado [at] gmail [dot] com with your art and Twitter name (if you have one, not necessary for submission). The deadline for submissions is by November 1st, at which time an online poll will decide the winner and two runners-up… the winner will get their design turned into a minimum 7-inch tall custom that they'll get for free! Second place gets a 6"x6" hand-painted wood panel piece and third place (as well as the others) receive some Shadowling pins and $10 off of a future order from Delgado! You can read more about this HERE.

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