Daniel Fleres's Grimlock (from The Transformers) Swanicorn!

"Swanicorns, Roll Out!" Hmm, that's doesn't work… "Swanicorns, Waddle Out!" Much better… Daniel Fleres, he of the beautiful Swanicorn design, is almost done with the above pictured custom Swanicorn based on Grimlock from The Transformers. This gut-wrenchingly wonderful piece is part of Fleres current commission program, wherein he'll customize one of the 7-inch resin figures any which way you want. Interested in getting one of your own? Drop him an e-mail at danielfleres [at] yahoo [dot] com for more information, though be aware that pricing starts at $300 (the same price as a Swanicorn that you had no say in the design of).

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