REVEAL: Super7's Action Figures from the film "Alien"!

The Super7 Booth at San Diego Comic-Con (#4729) was used to announce — simultaneously with the company's website — their newest toy line: ReAction Figures, which stands for Retro-Action Figures. These action figures will be produced exactly the same as the original 70's and 80's lines, with classic style sculpting, T-shaped waists, five gloriously simple points of articulation, accessories, and period authentic blister card packaging. And what better way to inaugurate this new line than with finally releasing the long "lost" 3.75-inch Alien figures? Yes, back in 1979 prototypes were actually made for these but never used… until Super7 tracked them down!
This 33-year in the making release is being done with the official authorization of 20th Century Fox, who own the film franchise, and will include: Ripley, Ash, Dallas, Kane in Nostromo Suit (prototype above left) and the Alien itself (prototype above right).
Super7 promises that other Alien and Aliens merchandise will follow, including designer vinyl figures and even collectible glasses (shown above)… The glassware is being touted as "four different 'fast food' style drinking glasses — [indecipherable word] like they should have been made in 1979!" As a fan of the Ridley Scott film and the H.R. Giger design, this is like a dream come true…

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