Jason Freeny x Fame Master's "X-Ray Gummi Bears" coming soon!

Jason Freeny's "X-Ray Gummi Bears" have been five years in the making, but we're informed that the first wave is preparing to ship right now. The entire series will consist of the basic five gummi bear colors: Lime (green), Pineapple (clear), Lemon (yellow), Orange (orange) and Cherry (red), with "special edition" versions — like the below pictured Terminator Gummi — being offered as well.
Made by Fame Master, the first wave will consist of Lime (green) and Pineapple (clear) — both circled in the photo — and the special edition Terminator Gummi. Standard price for these should be around $35 to $45 each and Freeny will have a small quantity to sell direct to fans once they arrive. As an avid gummi eater, I gotta say I love this disturbing idea… though it may make me question popping the tiny gummi critters in the future…

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