Dopevinyl's "Rasta" custom Dunny series with jRAD & Most Wanted's Gomi!

In order to help raise money to fund his documentary on the Designer Toy scene, Dopevinyl will be releasing a very limited "Rasta" blind boxed custom Dunny series; consisting of eight common pieces — two each of yellow, green, black and red (pictured above left) — as well as three chase figures… one by Squidnik (the green fellow pictured above right), one by jRAD (pictured below) and one by Most Wanted Crew member Gomi, which isn't completed yet but will be "a Dunny sculpted with dreads called 'Three Little Birds.'" But what about that splattered Sucklord Dunny, pictured above right? Time will tell… The series will drop on August 5th, 2012 and you should check Dopevinyl's website closer to the release date for purchasing instructions.

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