Chauskoskis' and Squink's custom Fonzos for the upcoming Freak Store show!

For the upcoming and previously announced Fonzo custom group show at Freak Store, we have a fantastic Chauskoskis piece entitlted "AlFonzo Weismuller." According to Chauskoskis, his custom is "not only an really experienced swimmer and got a great hairstyle, he's a fashion trends follower and more important he is a good looking sexy male." I certainly can't argue with the hairstyle, as that comb-over is quite killer… as for the rest, well… he, um, comes with a fabulous rubber ducky!
Chauskoskis has really gone all out here, tons of amazing sculpting, the creation of a picture perfect accessory, and a spot-on pain job. Whoever buys this piece has quite the amazing addition to their collection, though Chauskoskis did confide in us that he kinda hopes this doesn't sell… just so he can keep it for himself.

And while don't know the name of this fine fellow yet, UK artist Squink has done no less stellar a job modifying the Fonzo form into something uniquely amazing.

The Fonzo Custom Show will be held on July 25th at Freak Store, Centro San Ignacio. Nivel Jardín. Sector Las Vegas. Local LV-22, C.P 1060, Caracas, Venezuela.
Participating artists include: 64Colors, Betso, Brandt Peters, Burundanga Design, Charles Rodrígues, Chaukoskis, DrilOne, Fakir, Gabriel Carpio, Gabriel Mesa, Gary Ham, GerardMDS, Jeremiah Ketner, Kathie Olivas, MAp-MAp, Murkasec, M-Lon, Oui Design, RonaldArtx, Rsin, Run DMB, Sergio Mancini, Simplevector, Squink, The Beast Brothers and Travis Lampe.

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