Huck Gee's "Copter Girl" custom Munny available now!

This brand new Huck Gee custom, entitled Hotaru Copter Squad "Copter Girl," is the follow-up to the Copter Boy piece we announced a month ago. Per usual, all the accessories including her copter pack and goggles look amazing, and the inclusion of some fireworks and the little bird on top are just beautiful.
Ah, Copter Girl, don't let her cute demeanor fool you. Her brother's equally talented, tough as nails, troublemaking younger sister was often the ringleader in their mischievous endeavors. And being Whisker's favorite, she would use that charm to wiggle her way out of many a punishment. Not to be content with simply dodging the chore, she would perch herself on a nearby window ledge, fresh apple in hand, to gloat her nimble charms and favored position over her toiling brother. His little sister meant the world to him but oh how he hated when she would do that. Copter Girl, the motivator of the hotaru copter building, formerly bumbling, later high flying, Three Wars tide turning monkey duo.
Even the gourds with the kanji for "Fire" written on them, implying the are rudimentary bombs, is brilliant. This figure is signed, numbered, comes with all shown accessories, is limited to only 10 pieces, costs $875, and is available now. Interested parties should e-mail sales [at] huckgee [dot] com ASAP to reserve a figure and arrange payment.

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