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Trust Pigs's custom Sarlacc Pit (from Star Wars) Frank Kozik x Kidrobot Labbit!

I had a solo art show opening this past weekend at Dream in Plastic, with all the works being inspired by Star Wars in some way, and — without fail — this was the most asked about piece: the Landscape Labbit (Sarlacc Pit) custom. It's a 10" Frank Kozik x Kidrobot Labbit but not the obvious "Choice Cuts Labbit" — I couldn't splurge the extra money for one that already came with the bone in mouth, so I chopped off the standard cigarette and built my own bone accessory. The Sarlacc Pit and Boba Fett are official Star Wars action figure releases, though I think the Sarlacc was from a Target Exclusive box set, and both are mounted in place; the Sarlacc is actually sunken into the Labbit, with clay used to smooth the lip between the two. And the thing that surprised most people? The sand isn't sand… no, seriously; I hand-glued ground English Walnut Shells all over this guy to get the sand effect, mainly because they have more color variation than real sand does. As of Saturday night, this piece had not been sold. You can view the entire show online HERE with ordering information, if you are interested.

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