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Pete Fowler x Dudebox's "Design-a-Fiend" Submissions Collected?!?

Let's take a wee trip in the way back machine… Remember when we first announced the Dudebox "Design-a-Fiend" contest? Yea, it was magical, got people buzzing, and they got — from what we're told — several hundred entries. Now Dudebox want to try and make an online collection of the entries for people to view; for which they've created a Pinterest board specifically for the Pete Fowler platform design submissions (which you can view HERE). So if you're an artist who submitted something, place it on Pinterest and then let Dudebox know (via Twitter perhaps)!
If someone wants to do so, you can pin my design from the competition below:
It's entitled "Hipster Fiend" and I literally did it in the 24 hours before the contest ended. And yes, his nose looks off; just pretend he broke it in a fight and all will be good.

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