Most Wanted Art Show Teases: Carson Catlin & JC Rivera!

Last week we posted a very strange announcement for the Most Wanted Art Show and — we hope — enough time has passed that they won't mind us being a bit more clear on the matter. Above are two work-in-progress pieces for the show: one the left, Carson Catlin continues to kill it in his "cut line" style while, on the right, JC Rivera is building what appears to be a Dunny with 7 ears?!? Fantastic. Both figures appear to be 8" Dunnys and, we're sure, both will impress when done!

"The Most Wanted Art Show" will open on May 11th at the 1AM Gallery, 1000 Howard St., San Francisco, CA 94103.
Participating artists include: Art My Mind, Carson Catlin, Dr. Befa, Sergio Mancini, MuffinMan, Tim Munz, Nikejerk, PAUSE, JC Rivera, and RunDMB.

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