Lickyourelbows's teaser custom Dunny for Most Wanted show at 1AM Gallery!

When a teaser shows up in your inbox, you want it to make you want to see more… but also show you enough that you get the jist of thing. Well, this teaser picture of Bill "Lickyourelbow" Hewitt's custom Dunny, for the upcoming "Most Wanted: Behind The Hype" gallery show, doesn't quite show us enough. You can see half of one of his stylistic noses there and what appears to be a sculpted eyebrow, but — aside from the figure being a person — I have no clue what it is. Damn. Patience, my friends, patience…

"Most Wanted: Behind The Hype" (more information HERE) opens on May 11th (6:30-9:30PM) and runs through June 10th at the 1AM Gallery, 1000 Howard St., San Francisco, CA 94103. Participating artists are: RunDMB, Tim "timselF" Munz, Ryan the Wheelbarrow, Ardabus Rubber, JC Rivera, Grimsheep, Nikejerk, Artmymind, Gomi, Rsinart, Lickyourelbow, Pause, Chauskoskis, Uncle, Ian Ziobrowski, Matucha, Dr Befa, Chica Terremoto, Igor Ventura, Sergio Mancini, Luihz Unreal, Nevercrew, Hugh Rose, Carson Catlin, ClarkR, Muffinman, Lily Black, Megan "Me Smithy" Smithyman, Bubo, and Chris "We Become Monsters" Moore.

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