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Squink's Secret Sorrows & The Tiny Sorrowfiend custom Munny & Labbit!

Squink! wants to introduce you to "Secret Sorrows & The Tiny Sorrowfiend," his latest custom. There's some magnificent craftsmanship in the way that 4" Munny's face has been constructed… the embossed eye circles, the curl of his lip, the seamless nose & brows, and even the raised up hairline. While the 'intentionally dirty' look isn't everyone's cup of tea, in this instance it is certainly done skillfully and I do like how it gives the whole work a wooden, abused toy feel. Of course, you're wondering who "The Tiny Sorrowfiend" is, right? A likewise beautifully crafted and painted 1" Labbit, led by an elastic cord leash in the Munny's hand.
"Secret Sorrows & The Tiny Sorrowfiend" is available today, March 20th, at 8PM GMT in Squink!'s online store. Some lucky collector is sure to snatch this up for the completely appropriate price of £99 (approx. $160US) from HERE.

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