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Some Most Wanted Reveals w/ Manny Rivas, Gomi, Kevin Gosselin & NEVERCREW!

The line-up of the blind boxed custom set Most Wanted Series 3 is most impressive: Sergio Mancini, Tim Munz, PAUSE, Ryan the Wheelbarrow, Frank Mysterio, Dr. Befa, Gomi, Igor Ventura, Matucha, NEVERCREW, Kevin Gosselin, Grimsheep, Nikejerk, Chauskoskis, MApMAp, RunDMB, and Luihz Unreal. But Manny Rivas, one of the project organizers, has taken the time to elaborate on what makes this third go-around so special. Manny immediately notes that series 3 is "more limited than the previous two," implying a total count under 160 blindboxes. But how many pieces will be in series 3, Manny? "Well, we usually like to keep that a little under wraps till we release the ratios and one of our fans who paid attention during math class breaks out their calculator," he quips.
He was similarly evasive regarding what makes the Golden Ticket Dunny quote-unquote special, stating that he'd "like to think the free factor is pretty darn special considering we're in a recession" (which is very true), but then he opened up a bit concerning custom accessories being packaged with the Dunnys: "Indeed they will!" he joyously announced. "[There's] ice cream cones, a sidekick that happens to be a pig, and a shaving stick. Then there's also the one with the bat, the other one with the spring mounted on…" These later two are the figures by RunDMB and PAUSE that we previously teased HERE and HERE, but the others are… well, just keep reading.

How about chase figures? Or variants? "For MW1 we went absolutely overboard with variants and chases. If I'm not mistaken, I believe most everyone had one or both. And for MW2, well, we sort of went nuts with the variants, but chilled out on the chases. As awesome as it was (in my opinion) to have a slew of designs not pictured on the side of the box, a lot of our fans begged us to have mercy on them and do a few less next time around[…] So, we listened, but at the same time we made the series a bit more limited. Sorry guys, it wouldn't be as fun if there wasn't that 'thrill of the hunt' factor mixed into the equation."
The limited preorders for MW3 are over and done now, meaning you have to wait until April for the full release. The price tag for the pre-orders was $80 (+ shipping) per blind box — which, I'm told, is the price tag "for this preorder only," meaning they "may charge a few more dollars during the final drop date." You can also keep up-to-date on MW3 by reading their blog: http://mostwanted-behindthehype.blogspot.com/.
And now, on to the reveals…

Above are the nine "iscream" pieces done by Mark Troup aka Gomi, which obviously come with a variety of ice scream flavors; unless my eyes deceive me, there are 3 vanilla, 2 chocolate, 2 strawberry, 1 pistachio, and 1 swirl. The sculpt on these faces is spot on, from the wide open mouth with the singular tooth down to the narrow slits for the crying eyes. And the paint joy looks every bit as impressive. I mean, how can you top that…

Oh my. Let me introduce "Golem" by Kevin Gosselin. There are a total of 9 of these being made, but only 6 will be included in the MW3 sets… though two of the others will be auctioned off by Gosselin. The sculpt job is superb. Look at the little detail works and — of course — the pig and the rabbit in the backpack are complete sculpts from scratch (***UPDATE*** We're told the pig is actually a custom Labbit figure). And for those saying "Sweet, but there's not much to the paint job," I urge you to look carefully… the tiny green dot eyes of the golem and everything about the rabbit is painted in tiny detail. Absolutely fantastic.
Hot damn! The stunning "Good Morning Beard" by NEVERCREW. I… wow, I'm not sure there are words. The sculpt details to insert the trio of eyes per head, the partial body flocking to make a beard, the tiny razors that look perfectly crafted… heck, even the spot-on painting (as minimal as it is).

This set has been shaping up — since the word go — to be the best Most Wanted series yet. So read the blog for information as it is released and check out their online store for some cool goodies!

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