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LLADNAR's Zombie Mickey Mouse for Play Imaginative x Disney custom show!

Randall Smith aka LLADNAR's "Zombie Mickey Mouse" is bound for Singapore, ready to desire brains in a whole new country… or, at least, entertain people in the Play Imaginative x Disney group Mickey Mouse custom show. LLADNAR is mainly a canvas painter during his artistic ventures, but that doesn't hinder him from really embracing the three-dimensions this figure offer him to tackle. He's done absolutely wonderful job of controlled splattering and dirtying across this figure, which is no where near as easy to do as it looks. His detail points, like the eyes and the pants buttons, seem flat to me; the shading he's put into them being a little overly strong and unblended. But wonderful bite mark on the ear, surely the source of this infection that has overtaken your favorite mouse and mine.

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