Kevin Herdeman x Brutherford's Kaiju-fied Melting Ice Scream Men!

The impressive Kaiju customizer Kevin Herdeman, who tends to make monsters melt, has turning his sights towards something with an already softening look: Brutherford's Ice Scream Man. On the above left is a standard sized figure, given that oozing visage with a single monstrous eye peeping through… and, as we understand it, he even glows-in-the-dark now! Above right, on the other hand, is one of the yet-to-be-released mini Ice Scream Men attached to a dissolving body. Both are utterly fantastic and are sure to be desired additions to collections by many out there… but we understand that there is a third piece in the series in the works as well! Outstanding.

And, more than anything else, these pieces show us something: that the Ice Scream Man is ripe for customization. Will some smart gallery out there make it happen?

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