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C.A.S.T. & Chauskoskis's new Semi Korosiya (Cicada Killer) figure!

There's no arguing that Walter "Chauskoskis" Jacott is an amazingly talented customizer, but people tend to forget what an outstanding sculptor he is as well… Remember the Greasebat figure (shown top right)? That was Chauskoskis's sculpt. And now Chauskoskis ventures back into the land of Kaiju creatures, making the prototype sculpt for Adam Saul of Cop A Squat Toys (or C.A.S.T.)'s "Cicada Killer" (Semi Korosiya セミ殺し屋). I love the look of the figure, akin to something out of classic Doctor Who or a low-budget sci-fi monster movie. This will be the first release for the new C.A.S.T. and, once the resin mold is complete, the figure will be produced in Japan… we're guessing a sofubi vinyl run is in the works. A big first step, but it seems to be in the right direction; we wish them the best of luck with this and will happily keep readers informed of further developments!

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