Super7 and their January releases... yes, plural!!!

Even after all the teasers that Super7 has shared with us over the past few days, theu still have enough energy to post up a whole slew of releases... and it's just for January! First up and releasing tomorrow, Janaury 12th at Noon PST is the very yellow "Early Morning" Garuru and "Sunburnt Yellow" Prick... both of which will retail for $35 each HERE, and are cast in Yellow vinyl with a mixture of Gold, Orange, Brown, Red, and White sprays... killer looking combos there!

Also on tap, and releasing later on this month is a whole cast of characters. For next Thursday, January 19th at Noon PST... you can get your hands on Invisible Creature's "Abominable" Leroy C. who is looking mighty fine in those cool (literally) colors, and also set to release the same day is thr "Hues of Blues" DokuDuo... both for $35 each. Then on Thursday, January 26th at Noon PST, mark your calendars for the release of Josh Herbolsheimer's "Green Hell on Wheels" Casket Cruiser which will retail for $65 each. So... start saving now, because like mentioned earlier these are only the releases for January... look out 2012, Super7 is coming after you!

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