CTU Presents: Star Wars VersuS custom Dunny series

It's time again for another custom 3" Dunny series from Custom Toy Union... as the members of this awesome online toy community have gathered up some serious talent in artists such as Davidkraig, Fuller, Ian Ziobrowski, Sekure and Timbone where they were tasked with one objective... to highlight the epic movie Star Wars! Each artist in this series is tasked to customize 2 Dunny's and have chosen what characters they will be laying into... and below is a list of said artists and what characters they will be creating! They will drop Tuesday, February 28, 2012 via their online store HERE at 12pm PST... and keep those eyes peeled for teasers to follow!

Featuring the following artists and characters:
Davidkraig - Stormtrooper/Chewy
Fuller - Jawa/R2D2
Ian Ziobrowski- Tusken Rider/Ewok
Sekure - Boba Fett/ C3PO
Timbone - Darth Vader/Hans Solo in Carbonite

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