"Pembleton Stranglefoot" proto from UMETOYS

Just last Thursday, we posted up HERE a new prototype figure from Richard Page of UMETOYS... so what does he go and do... announce, and reveal a brand new figure prototype to the masses! Above is a nice WIP shot of a new little Octopus sculpt that has been given the name "Pembleton Stranglefoot", and as you can see he is a proud fellow! Rich tells us that "he was based on the sticker design I did for the promo pack during NYCC, and after much poking from OG over at BigKev's Geek Stuff, I got my sculpt on." Rich plans on taking this to the next step by making mould and pouring resin reproduction pieces very soon... and like I said last go around, get ready for UMETOYS folks... 2012 is looking fantastic so far!

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