Monsterforge exclusive "Pretty in Pink" Artist Proof Multiskull from OMFG! Series 1… Coming Soon!

After the amazing debut of SpankyStokes's "Hot Pink" Stroll AP, which sold out in a hot minute, the second Artist Proof from the first series is set to see the light of day: Monsterforge's "Pretty in Pink" Multiskull. Like the Stroll mini-figure, this 2" beastie comes straight out of the October Toys forum OMFG! Series 1 set and is limited to a mere 200 copies in this colorway. Each Multiskull comes in a plastic baggie with a specially made header card. And, if this all wasn't enough, these bad boys will only set you back $3 each; yes, you read that right. If you dawdle on these, I foresee disappoint in your future. Available exclusively on Monsterforge's blog (http://monsterforge.blogspot.com/), dropping February 3rd at 9pm EST.

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