Squadt NKD NOZZEL s00? - Retailer Release!!!

Ferg is back in the news today as he just announced the release of his NKD NOZZEL s00? with QPMNT PAC 5 and 6 today! This is the retailer release, and how sweet it is! The NKD NOZZEL stands 6" tall and is composed of vinyl, ABS and cloth. Each one includes 3 sets of eye lenses, 2.0 arms (articulated joints) union suit with not so hidden tanto knife and as always a removable helmet. Now onto the PAC's...

QPMNT PAC 5 includes a zip-up hoodie, duffel bag, homemade pistol, pipe bom, and silver lenses... and was created with that crazy uni-bomber in mind. In my opinion I really like this design and dislike it at the same time... seeing as what it is modeled after, but art is supposed to evoke emotion... correct? Ferg did a stellar job capturing this look on his Squadt platform.

Up next is the QPMNT PAC 6 which includes a Fort Burnout shirt, Scarf, sM4 with scope/supressor, sling bag and Fort Burnout patch. This is a really great looking set as I personally really dig that FB scarf, sM4 and sling bag. If you are looking at snaggin these up, you can contact your favorite retailer for availability, and most will be retailing these for around $120 each... and if you are a retailer and you are not yet carrying these awesome products, you can email ferg@playge.net for order/pricing details.

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