K11 [FROZN WHOLE] III pac from Ferg

And the releases keep on rolling out, as it was just last we where we posted HERE a quick little screen capture of Ferg's soon to be released, and now announced K11 [FROZN WHOLE] III pac! This trio of 4" vinyl figures is an edition of 200 pieces and includes "ROVR", "SPIKE" and "FIDO" who all come with jackets, modular harnesses, and removable helmets... a must for you collectors out there who already have the "NOZZEL" and "GASSED" [FROZN] Squadt's! Oh but wait... there is more... according to Ferg, 50 of the 200 pieces will be the "Yello Sno" chase variants... a tough to get set for you completionists out there... but well worth it as all three figures are retailing for $85 for the set, which includes worldwide shipping. These are set to drop on Monday, January 16th, at 12 Noon CST via the online Squadt store HERE... and will sell out!

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