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"Black 13" Calaverita from The Beast Brothers

I love skulls, and when you mix in a little Hispanic flair in... it's all over! The first in a series of custom "Calaveritas" hand painted by The Beast Brothers dubbed "BLACK 13" is limited to just that... 13 pieces, and will be available on Friday, January 13th at 13:13pm EST, and once they are gone, this colorway is dead forever. Based on the traditional Calaveras De Azúcar aka "Sugar Skulls" used to adorn altars during the Day of the Dead celebrations, these 6.5" fiberglass skulls are a super stylized example of this classic decoration, and each one from The Beast Brothers comes signed and numbered and can be picked up HERE for just $130! I am soooo into this piece and that black/red color combo is so sick!!!!

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