I Scream, you Scream, we all Scream for... the "Ice Scream Man" by Brutherford Industries

So I just became privy to the work of Ryan aka Brutherford of Brutherford Industries, and I gotta tell you all... I am so stoked to be sharing this with you because what he has going on is something special! His background is in design and manufacturing... in fact that's his full time gig... knowing the tools of the trade - so to speak - he has branched out recently to fulfill his own artistic needs with his own personal designs! He has been an avid collector for many years and has recently got into the manufacturing side of designer toy scene, which leads me to his awesome product that he has been working on dubbed the "Ice Scream Man"! These rotocast urethane figures are all made by Ryan in his secret hideout, based in North Jersey, with the help of his wife... they have pumped out a low volume of limited runs of this rad new figure!

These figures are in the final stages, and as you can see from the above images... they are going to be the full package, and in a few select colorways! As it stands right now, it seems as though the "Strawberry" edition will be released first, and will be limited to 125 pieces, and will retail for around $75. On deck will also be "Mint" and "Chocolate" limited to 125 pieces as well, along with a "Vanilla" edition that will be an open run for around the $50 range. It also look as though there maybe interchangeable "cones"... so AWESOME! I am really excited to find out more about this figure/release, and if you all want to be in the know... you can follow Ryan on Twitter HERE, and also visit his website HERE to sign up for his mailing list! He also mentions other projects are in the works... I am 100% in!

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