24 hour "Day With Toy Break" live feed!

Toy Break is having their second (almost) annual Day With Toy Break this weekend... and I am sure some of you are saying, what the heck is that... well, I am glad you asked :-) Join em online HERE starting this Friday, January 6th at 5pm PST when they start broadcasting live for 24 hours straight... all of this is to help raise funds for the continued production of their weekly show. During the 24 hours, they will be chatting with guests, filming a couple episodes, and of course talking about toys. There will also be a live chat, auctions, Ben's world famous celebrity impressions, sleep deprivation, and if all goes according to plan... I will be up there on Saturday for a few hours to pop in and make a fool of myself :-) Remember... the fun starts at 5pm PST on Friday, January 6th and doesn't end till 5pm PST Saturday, January 7th, so be sure to tune in at ToyBreak.com!

Source[ToyBreak Press]

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