"Tigerflux" custom Dunny by Run DMB

Check out the latest custom 8" Dunny by UK based artist David B. aka Run DMB! His loose yet very line driven style really lends well to any and all platforms he tackles and above is living proof of that... stunning piece! He tells us that this particular piece wasn’t a commission, but rather he had an extra Dunny sitting around ready to go... so why not attack it!?!?! Oh, and if you are wondering... this is up for sale right now, so if you are interested you can contact him via email (david@frontmedia.co.uk) or PM him on the KR boards. This dude has some serious talent, and I always look forward to seeing more pieces from him... which leads me to mention his awesome custom 400% Bearbrick that he did for the "Icons" show... you can snag that up HERE right now! For more pictures of his work, hit up his flickr HERE!

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