Florian Flatau's "THE vs.YOU" finds new legs!!!

It sure has been a long time since we have heard anything from designer Florian Flatau... in fact last transmission was back in 2009, but today we are happy to announce he is back at it and has a few new versions of his super unique figurine titled "THE vs.YOU"! This figure is 4" tall, and is about the size of a average-human fist, and as you can see from the above photos they have a few different projects in the works... first of which is a newly designed "facelift" figure that comes in an all white DIY form. There will be 50 pieces of this version available. Next up is a really exciting Flying-Förtress artist version... and according to Florian this figure was never ment to be used for such a purpose - but the result works very well, there are also 50 pieces of this version! Also, we have a sneak peek at a new version that is very geometric in nature that is being called the "CHARGED" edition. Some exciting stuff in the works for sure!

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