'Paper Lanterns' designed by 64 Colors

This is not the first time we have seen products other than print's and vinyl figures from the folks of 64 Colors... in fact, I am glad that they continue to create these awesome products outside the realm of collectible shelf sitting objects, and just announced today are some seriously cool designer 'paper lanterns' that are covered in the fantastic illustrations from this dynamic art duo! Releasing through the folks over at BlueQ and first up is the "Cherry Bomb" design from 64 Colors that just screams Hong Kong nights, along with making for some delicious eye-candy!

Next up is the design they are calling "Good & Plenty" which features an amazing collage of fun creations and according to the product description "This lamp is louder than 26 Anime films playing at the same time - but without the noise." Both of these lamps measure 13.75" in diameter and are retailing for only $10 each... cheap enough to fill your outside patio with a multitude of these fantastic lanterns! Keep up the stellar work guys, loving it!!!

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