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'Trampt' has officially launched!!!!

What's been in the works for quite some time now, and has gone through some pretty rigorous beta testing, is a brand new site called 'Trampt' that wants to finally bridge the gap between collectors, artists, and social media... can this be done, we will see! Sites like this have popped up in the past, with every intention to fill that gap... but something about 'Trampt' really has me quite optimistic. It could be the very professional layout and site design, or the organization, or it could just be that "new car smell" feeling... not sure, but I am diggin what I am seeing.

I had a few question for Trampt co-founder Keegan, just to figure out what this site is all about... more importantly (at least to me) what the heck is 'Trampt'... he goes on to explain the backstory on Trampt is "So I own a bunch of domains, I usually register ones that came from some joke while out drinking with friends ... for example shavedwookie.com. The name Trampt honestly grew from some inside joke, that I honestly can't remember at this point. When I had the idea for the site I went through my list of domains and Trampt seemed the best fit."

Keegan goes on to tell us about what they are doing with this site and what is expected in the next few iterations! "So right now the current version of the site is a backbone for future functionality. We wanted to enable artists, manufacturers and collectors alike to be able to contribute to the site equally. Any registered user can add and edit items to the site, and if they are missing details another user can simply edit an item or portfolio add more info. There is a lot quick things coming down the pipes we are updating like the portfolio user search, color filtering, some user leaderboards, reputation & badges, and feed notifications. Some large projects like the Marketplace and theNetwork will take a bit longer but will provide an easy place to find all the news, events, items and conversations about a given artists, platform, manufacturer and more."

Oh, and one of the really great things about this site launching is the incentive to join and try it out as they are giving away a 'Want It, Win It' contest for users to create an account and say they want the toy and for this go around they are giving away the very sought after "Hello My Name is (HMNI)" 8-inch Dunny by Huck Gee, as well as the 3-inch counterpart... AWESOME! So what are you waiting for, head on over HERE now, sign up, and enter... and remember this is community run, so upload your own pieces and have fun!

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