Jason Limon x Inner Sanctum "Specimen No. 1" in color and "Specimen No. 2" prototype @ SDCC 2011

We have been following the progress of Inner Sanctum's "Specimen Series" designed by artist Jason Limón... and today we are treated with not only a painted version of his "Specimen No. 1" but we also get a peek at the prototype of his "Specimen No. 2" figure! Now the painted version was spotted at SDCC 2011, and thanks to the folks over at Tomopop we have the above great pictures... and wow does it look stellar! If you check our last post HERE, you can see that the painted version looks very similar to Jason's OG painting that the figure is based off... and now getting to see the "Specimen No. 2" for the first time is really getting us excited... these figures are fantastic! Jason states that the first one will release late this year, with the other 5 to follow... yup you read that right, there are 6 figures in total for this series... EPIC! More very soon!

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